The Unique Terroir of the Grande Champagne

Of the 79,500 hectares comprising the cognac vineyard, only a small portion meets the exacting standards of Coutanseaux Aîné. This portion is the Grande Champagne, covering nearly 13,200 hectares, which accounts for approximately 17% of the Cognac vineyard region.

Grande Champagne, bearing the prestigious designation of 'Premier Cru de Cognac,' boasts a prestigious reputation. The resulting cognacs are renowned for their exceptional finesse and unmatched floral bouquet.

In these fertile lands, Coutanseaux Aîné focuses exclusively on a single grape variety: Ugni Blanc. This variety yields acidic and lightly sweet grapes, ideal for the long and natural aging of wine before distillation.

The Craftsmanship of Coutanseaux Cognacs

Within the Coutanseaux cellars, distillation takes center stage as the pivotal and delicate process that demands unwavering attention to extract the purest and most aromatic cognacs. To enhance the emergence of these intensely flavorful notes, imbued with remarkable complexity, distillation is conducted on lees—a distinctive hallmark of Maison Coutanseaux, revealing the organoleptic potential of our cognacs.

Following the harvest, the wine obtained undergoes distillation between October and March 31 st of the subsequent year, adhering to precise guidelines. This critical phase, conducted in large copper stills, serves as the transformation of wine into cognac. It takes 9 liters of wine to yield 1 liter of cognac, underscoring the rare nature of this spirit.

The distillation process unfolds in two stages. The initial distillation yields a “brouillis” at 30 degrees, which is then further refined in a second distillation to achieve a spirit at 70 degrees.

Aging in Our Cellars

At Coutanseaux Aîné, we firmly believe that time is a valued ally. It is through our unwavering commitment to each stage of aging that the unique personality of Coutanseaux Aîné cognacs is forged. The exceptional maturity of our cognacs—no less than 15 years—serves as a testament to our dedication, ensuring the delivery of truly excellent Cognacs, fully realized in their expression.

To achieve this, every aspect of cognac maturation demands meticulous oversight from our cellar master, who expertly controls the rhythm of barrel rotation. Initially placed in new barrels for a few months, the cognacs absorb the porous qualities of the wood before being transferred to older barrels to continue their maturation.

Beyond the wood's quality, the environment in which the cognacs age, concealed from prying eyes, is equally vital. At Coutanseaux Aîné, aging transpires in barrels partially buried, within cellars characterized by high humidity levels. These elements, akin to a well-composed musical score, contribute to the creation of Cognacs that strike the perfect balance between finesse and complexity of aromas.