Limited Edition Coutanseaux Aîné x Tess Dumon

In its quest for exception, Coutanseaux Aîné has unveiled a limited edition of the Belle Jeanne, a unique masterpiece created by artist Tess Dumon.

A true feat of craftsmanship, the wood is brought to life, reflecting Coutanseaux Aîné's rich cooperage heritage.

Each wooden flake has been meticulously cut, painted and fitted by hand to the 5-litre Belle Jeanne and its box, creating a veritable cocoon of wood and echoing our oldest casks in which our most precious 120-year-old eaux de vie still slumber.

Patience and precision are highlighted in every detail. A delicate and prestigious gilding reflects the harmonious alliance between the artist's inspiration and Coutanseaux's excellence.

A stunning collection of 5 pieces has been on display at the Galerie Dumonteil in Shanghai since March 2024.

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