XO - Grande Champagne

Presented in an elegant and slender decanter, this XO cognac embodies the epitome of an assertive style, tailored for the most discerning connoisseurs.

Crafted by blending eaux-de-vies aged for a minimum of 15 years, this XO Grande Champagne is a genuine terroir cognac, renowned for its delicate hints of fresh fruit and spices. Its exquisite amber hue reflects its maturation in oak barrels over numerous years, a testament to the exceptional quality of Coutanseaux Aîné.

Coutanseaux Aîné

XO - Grande Champagne

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• Grape variety: Ugni Blanc

• Appellation: Grande Champagne, 1er cru of Cognac

• Ageing: blended with brandies between 15 and 25 years old

• Capacity: 70cl

Gastronomic Pairings

The subtle notes of the Cognac XO Coutanseaux elder will perfection the iodized flavors of a large caviar perfection.


• 95/100 – Gold - New York International Spirits Compétition 2023

• Gold – Global Cognac Masters 2023

XO - Grande Champagne
XO - Grande Champagne
XO - Grande Champagne
XO - Grande Champagne

Tasting notes

  • Robe

    : At first glance, it exhibits an amber hue with golden reflections, a testament to the years it has spent aging in oak barrels.

  • Nose

    The first nose is lively, refined, and elegant. It features a noticeable woody aroma, with a predominant floral scent reminiscent of vine and white flowers. As it opens up, this XO reveals spicy notes and a pronounced woodiness that brings out hints of vanilla, grilled, and roasted aromas.

  • Palate

    On the palate, following a bold and lively initial impression, a perfect balance unveils smooth and refined tannins, alongside a robust structure that leans more towards floral than fruity. Vanilla notes rise, accompanied by the sweetness of apricot, pastry butter, and caramel.

A Design Inspired by the World of High Perfumery

The XO decanter captivates with its minimalist elegance, featuring a long and slender silhouette accented by a beechwood stopper, reminiscent of the cooperage heritage of the house.

Drawing inspiration from the world of perfumery, these bottles pay homage to the meticulous and skilled craftsmanship of our cellar master. Much like perfumers, he ensures the consistency and balance of the harmonious relationship between his eaux-de-vies and the selected woods.

An Exceptional Packaging

An integral part of the experience, the case serves as the initial point of contact and a crucial step in discovering Coutanseaux Aîné XO cognac. The white color reflects the purity of the exceptional cognacs curated by the house. The gold accentuates the elegance of this monochromatic exterior, cinching it at the waist, reminiscent of the hoops that encircle the aging barrels. It's a reminder of how everything at Coutanseaux is intertwined: the earth and human craftsmanship coming together to offer unique tasting moments.

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